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Advanced Autonomous Solutions

for Defence, Security, Shipping, Surveying, Oil & Gas and Environmental Operations

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Improvements in efficiency, cost and the ability to remove the human endangerment factor have been important drivers of unmanned system development. Through custom new-builds or retrofitting of existing vessels, the aim is to augment existing operations with minimal human capital deployment. The AS2 ARC system utilises a highly modular approach for ease of integration of third-party sensors and payloads, as well as rapid switching of operational capabilities.

Control items

Monitored items

Engine control

Throttle + Steering

Lighting control

Engine/motor data

Electrical systems

GPS co-ordinates


Magnetic Compass Bearing


Course over Ground


Speed over Ground

Electronic Control Modules health + Status

Electrical Systems Control

All system data & component status telemetry is relayed to the Ground Control Station via a high-power radio link and displayed on the main console display.


The AS2 Systems C2 system is available in three levels of Autonomous Remote Control (ARC).  In all three levels of ARC, the operator has a live video feed from the cameras on the vehicle. This can be a single PTZ camera or multiple fixed cameras, for situational awareness.
ARC Level 1
ARC Level 1 provides base levels of control & telemetry for the vehicle. It is intended for situations requiring human input with no autonomous features. ARC Level 1 is the foundation of all other features & functions present on the vehicle; it consists of the core elements required for platform control & remote operations.
ARC Level 2 – Smart Features
ARC Level 2 adds many additional features, including basic autonomy to the vessel.
ARC Level 3
AI and Autonomous decision making.


System Security
Our C2 system incorporates SOC (System on a Chip) architecture, featuring our proprietary firmware. No third-party operating systems are employed (e.g. Windows, Linux etc.) giving us complete protection from ‘hacking’ attempts, computer viruses etc. Our custom software is ‘read protected.’ Any attempt to read/copy the software will erase the software. This presents our clients with peace of mind should the platform be lost or captured. Data is secure and the chipset is essentially useless.
Data Encryption
Data sent over the wireless radio can be encrypted directly by the radio (many radio manufacturers employ built in encryption) or encrypted in our custom software, before being passed to the radio.   Industry leading encryption techniques, offer the highest level of security and is currently employed worldwide in the banking industry.


At AS2 Systems, we strive to supply control systems with the most efficient architecture and operational functionality. While this often requires integration with 3rd party components, our preference is always to develop our own technology.
Examples of our ‘in house’ technologies include: 

    GPS with RTK capability (centimetre accuracy is possible with RTK.)
    Magnetic compass (with pitch, roll and accelerometer output)
    Waypoint Navigation System (1000+Waypoints)
    Autopilot System
    PSK Encryption Software
While all of the above were designed to be an integral part of our proprietary C2 system, each can operate independently and can be quickly customised to interface with most 3rd party hardware & software protocols.


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